Repeating ones are the most common number sequence repeatedly experienced, according to Josh Siegel, a master numerologist who has been in practice for over two decades. “”Essentially, the 11 signifies awakenings, illumination, and a potential quantum shift of awareness,”” he says. Here, the basics on angel numbers, how to decipher what your angels are telling you, and how to incorporate that wisdom into your life. Any repeating number, like 333 or 888, is considered an angel number. If you see one of these, it could very well be an important sign.

Seeing angel number 6666 is a sign from the heavens that you must refocus and stay strong, and you will likely see it when you’re feeling lost. The guardian spirits are telling you with 6666 that you are on the right path, and while it might not feel like it, you are making progress. So, weather the storm, double down on yourself, and focus on what is really important. Ignore the distractions and keep fighting because you are almost where you need to be. Seeing angel number 4444 is a sign from your guardian angels that now is the time to double down on your efforts.

When working out what our angels are trying to tell us, we need to be aware of what the different numbers mean. Let me tell you, that’s when you know you’re on to something special. Seeing repeating numbers on the clock and such is all well and good. This will help you bring the focus back to what’s really important in life. This is a common issue and one that your angels are likely trying to address with you. see it here

“”When seeing any messages from your angels, you can expect a little jolt of fear from your ego-self — simply because it means higher self-change is coming,”” says Michaela. “”And that can make you feel unsafe.”” Nonetheless, she reassures people that the message you’re receiving is “”all for the good.”” The number 44 means angels are with you, reaffirming their love and help. This double number could also mean your spirit guides disagree with your thoughts and feelings.

Inside this article you’re about to see a lot of angel numbers and signs, so gear up as you’re about to be enlightened. Repeating 4s are all about integrity and facing things, according to McCants. “”If you see 444 and you’re covering for someone at work, it’s saying don’t do that, the truth will set you free.”” The sequence 444 also represents knowledge and achievement.

But your angels are telling you to try and slow down this stress! You are on the right path in life, and you are going to succeed, so don’t worry about what the future holds because your angels know it is going to be amazing. Your angels know that your energy is powerful and you have the ability to gain true spiritual enlightenment, allowing for inner peace and happiness. I understand everything you are feeling and my god it sucks and hurts so bad!! 😔 definitely learned to never take anyone you love for granted. Becoming more aware and accepting the power which is present beyond our imagination is the purpose of angel numbers and their phenomena.

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