The lifespan of a turtle is greatly determined by the type and breed of the turtle. There are also other factors like the habitat and diet of the turtle that determine the lifespan of a turtle. You must be sure that the turtles you are going to buy are bred in the right way and have been fed accordingly. Turtles generally live long in captivity even with some diseases. The average lifespan of a turtle is around 60 years in the wild. According to recent researches, some years ago, captive turtles as pets lived up to 10 years only. You can get more information about life expectancy of a turtle

The lifespan of a turtle depends on the type and breed of it. As per recent reports, the pet lifespan of green turtles at some times can cross over a decade. Green turtles mainly feed on aquatic invertebrates such as small tadpoles, leeches, crayfish etc. Other than this, they also eat vegetation such as algae, leaf litter, tree leaves, fruits etc. They are generally found in southern Caribbean Sea, Western Atlantic and along the Gulf of Mexico. A study carried out at the University of Florida states that the lifespan of this pet can be extended if the turtles are provided with a good and healthy diet.

The lifespan of a turtle depends mainly on the kind and breed of its original breeding. If the pet was originated from a wild catch then its lifespan can be much longer as compared to one that came from a hatchery. This is because in case of the former, there would be no fear of predators and the habitat in which they were born could be completely devoid of predators. A captive bred turtle can easily live for a decade or more provided the quality of life is maintained well. The best part about the lifespan of these turtles is that they can easily live for a hundred years or even more provided that they are well fed and well cared for.

If you are planning to raise turtles as pet then it is very important that you find out the details about their lifespan. This will help you understand which of your pet turtles will easily live for a century or more. When you look at the pet shops that sell turtles, you will see that the majority of them have a very short lifespan. The reason behind this is that these turtles are generally bred for the purpose of breeding them as a food source. In case these turtles are not handled regularly, they can easily become ill.

On the other hand, leafy vegetables such as spinach, lettuce etc can boost the lifespan of the pet turtles. In case of male turtles, feeding them with leafy vegetables such as spinach will enhance their life span considerably. The best way to ensure that the pet turtles live long is by giving them enough space and letting them spend most of their time basking in the sunlight. Also, it is important to provide them with the right environment so that they don’t feel bored and stressed. A happy and contented turtle is one that is able to live a healthy life span.

As a conclusion, while purchasing a turtle, you should not only consider its lifespan but also consider the fact that it can be raised in captivity. There are many species of turtles available out there, and some of them can be raised in captivity for the purpose of reproduction. Some others like the Amaryllis and the Red Eared Slider can be kept for a couple of decades when given proper care. Hence, the decision regarding the lifespan of a turtle will largely depend on the kind of turtle that you purchase and on the way you raise it. If taken into consideration, you can easily make the right decision regarding the life span of your pet turtle.

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