If you thought CBD Lube was just another fancy-sounding term for coconut oil, think again. People from all over the world are taking CBD for many things, including, it appears, having it on in it. But there still isn’t much research into CBD lube, said one leading expert, and that could be bad news for consumers.

Right now, some CBD products are derived from hemp grown in the United States and Canada. Some say this is okay because the CBD is completely safe, even if hemp grows in different climates. Others argue that by using CBD, people could be ingesting “chemicals” that may cause an adverse reaction, such as nausea, headaches, or even seizures. So what should we make of CBD lube?

First, it’s important to understand that there’s no such thing as “CBD lube,” which would be an obvious reference to a new product using coconut oil and calling it CBD oil. It’s impossible to make any such thing, because CBD is not soluble in water, as oil is. Therefore, to get your body hydrated, you need to drink a lot more water than you usually do. But when you’re drinking an oil supplement that contains CBD, you are getting hydration, and therefore “CBD lube.”

When you compare the ingredients in conventional lube oils with CBD oil-based products, you’ll find that most of the ingredients in conventional lubricants (petrolatum, mineral oil, etc.) are toxic or hazardous to your health. The main ingredients in CBD oil-saturated grape seed oil, essential fatty acids, amino acids, etc., are all good for your health and help you perform at your optimum level. This is because these ingredients provide your body with what it needs to function at its best-proper mental and physical health.

One major advantage that these oil-based lube products have over their petroleum-based counterparts is that they are far better for your skin. Most petroleum lubes and condoms are made with petroleum-based oils (petrolatum), which are known to clog pores and cause premature aging of the skin. If you use a good quality CBD oil lube, this won’t be an issue for you-your skin will stay well hydrated and neither will your genitals! This is because the ingredients work synergistically with your body to improve your circulation, which allows you to have a super-smooth and ultra-blessed sex. In fact, many men report that their partners report an improved sexual experience after using CBD oil-based lube.

So now that you know the answer to the question: Is CBD Lube safe? based on the information provided here, you can safely purchase and use these products, without worry. You don’t want to expose yourself or your partner to unsafe and ineffective condoms, so why not invest in something that’s proven to be safer? It’s really not that hard to find quality CBD condoms and lubes; all it takes is a simple Internet search.

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