Facts about coffee can vary greatly depending on your source. If you want the most accurate information possible, you should try to find it yourself or get a good book on coffee. Generally speaking, coffee is a caffeinated beverage made from roasted coffee beans, typically the seeds of certain Coffea species. When coffee beans turn from green to dark red to bright white in color, they are harvested, processed, and then dried. The process of drying coffee beans does take time, so beans are generally stored for as short of a time as possible, usually up to a year. Dried coffee is also processed differently than fresh coffee. You can get more information about best latte machine

Coffee that is not stored properly – For instance, if the coffee is stored in a refrigerator without being opened for long enough, beans will begin to lose their natural flavor and aroma. Also, if the coffee is left out in the open, the moisture can evaporate and eventually dry out the coffee beans. If the beans are left out in the open, it is important to always add water to bring the coffee back to a more comfortable temperature.

Expensive coffee – It’s actually very expensive when you get to the point where you have to figure the cost of ground beans vs. brewing it at home. In some countries like Jamaica, coffee beans are grown organically and without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Because of this organic farming method, farmers there grow coffee beans longer than anywhere else in the world. When you brew your own coffee, remember that the higher the quality of the coffee, the more it will cost – especially expensive coffee.

Caffeine levels in coffee – Some people mistakenly believe that the stronger the coffee the more caffeine per cup. However, this isn’t true. A weak, mild coffee will contain less than one hundred milligrams of caffeine, while a strong coffee may contain up to five hundred milligrams of caffeine. Many coffee drinkers prefer their coffee with less caffeine.

What kind of food should I eat with coffee? – Coffee shouldn’t be consumed along with any other food products. Caffeine is not digested well by certain foods and will add to your consumption of those foods. If you must consume something with coffee, choose the decaffeinated variety. You can also add cream after the fact to reduce the amount of caffeine you’ve consumed.

Is it healthy to drink coffee? – Excessive intake has been linked to an increase in heart disease and high blood pressure. While a small amount of caffeine is considered healthy, too much of it is not. The best thing you can do is drink your regular cup of coffee (without the added cream) and follow all of the other healthy tips that are beneficial for your health.

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