The Triple Helix is the first step to an understanding of the way energy moves through the body. If you are like most people, you have a very limited idea about how this energy functions. Your knowledge of the basic laws of physics can be applied here. It has been proven that matter, even in its very lowest state, contains energy. Since energy cannot be created or destroyed, it follows that the body itself contains a great amount of energy.

In all three dimensions (space, time and energy) there exists what is known as a “density” of energy. The body’s cells are composed of energy. There is a similar effect to the law of energy that governs magnets. An apple is a highly dense substance while water is less dense than air. When you place an apple on a flat surface, you feel a magnetic force directed toward you because the apple is a very dense substance.

The way that energy works in the human body goes along with the way that matter is structured. If the human body is made of mostly solid material the energy would be trapped within the cells. If those cells were lined with little hollows filled with energy, the energy would be able to escape through those holes into the body cavity. If those cells did not contain any energy, the cavity would be covered with thickened blood vessels.

This process is called “biomagnetic energy leakage”. Another way to look at it is that the body only possesses one magnetic field. The rest of the body’s fields are directed by the brain and spinal cord towards the outside of the body and away from it. Any energy field that is moving toward or away from you will produce effects in your nervous system and lymphatic system, two things that are involved in bioenergetic medicine and healing.

The energy field also plays an important role in the nervous system. It helps regulate brain function and the functioning of the immune system. It is also responsible for transmitting nerve and muscle signals and the transmission of information throughout the nervous and regenerative systems of the body. All of these processes and activities depend on the proper construction and alignment of the electromagnetic fields.

If the field is not properly constructed, these processes will not work as they should. The Triple Helix Healing aligns the field so that it is “locked” or semi-permeable so that the energy can flow freely. This allows bioenergetics and other healing to occur. When the energy is free to move around, the immune system stays stronger and the tissues heal. This allows someone who undergoes triple helix healing to get back pain relief, energy, mobility and more from their treatments.

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