If you are new to the world of esport in general, you might not know much about it. However, there is a lot to be learnt about it if you want to take part and take your career to the next level. One thing to note first off is that there are two different kinds of esport: free-to-play and pay-to-play. The distinction here lies in how the game is set up, and what kind of rewards can be earned for winning the game. Here is more information on the two kinds of esport: Their post will give more information.

Counter-Strike is the most popular and well-known game when it comes to esport. As of now, there are approximately eight to ten million people that play this game on a daily basis. Over time, there has been a considerable amount of money paid to professional Counter-Strike players for winning certain games. There are a number of international tournaments held for this game and some of them have millions of dollars worth of prize money on the line. In fact, one of the most prestigious gaming events, the ESL Major Series, has Counter-Strike as its main tournament game.

For the more casual gamers and people who don’t play at the level that Counter-Strike is played at, there are other kinds of esport events taking place. These kinds of tournaments tend to focus more on the fun aspects of gaming rather than the competition, although some do exist. There are several amateur gaming tournaments held weekly, with the winners receiving a certain amount of money as well as other prizes. For example, one of the most popular amateur gaming tournaments at the moment is the ECS Season 2 finals.

Another popular form of engagement with the world of esport happens through the use of the internet and one of these is YouTube. There are actually numerous official League of Legends videos that have surfaced on the YouTube channel in recent times. Many of these videos have become wildly popular and the number of subscriptions to the channel is now at over one hundred and eight million. Some of the content in the video was controversial, but nevertheless, many people enjoyed it. It can be interesting to see how the scene evolves from here since the future of Esports is unknown.

With regards to broadcasting, it’s good to note that the streaming platforms such as twitching and YouTube have begun supporting the concept of live casting. This feature allows viewers to follow a caster as he or she casts certain match events live from anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, not all people are happy about this, as it presents an artificial practice of casting instead of the true engagement that occurs during an actual game. Fortunately, there are options available to those who want to watch an actual game called by someone who is actually present.

It’s been said that in the future there will probably be moreEsports events taking place outside of the traditional game modes such as the aforementioned CS: GO and overwatch. Due to the incredible success of these amateur games, it is not out of the question that they begin to take on a life of their own. Since the prevalence of free-to-air broadcasts on twitch and YouTube is widespread, it is possible to speculate that there is no telling what direction these new sports could take. However, one thing is for certain: with the prevalence of these two streaming platforms, there will likely be an increase in awareness of any upcoming ESL events as well as other popular gaming activities.

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